- 360° product photography
#Bring your products to life!
360° and 3D product presentation is the most effective way to influence online sales!
The professional e-commerce sites are already aware of it...
Will You be next?


25000HUF + VAT/ month

  •  10 products
  •  Hotspots
  •  Hosting included
  •  Custom logo
  •  Embed into one another
  •  14 days trial period
  •  12 Months contract
  •  Free photography session
  •  Website integration
  •  Customer service


60000HUF + VAT/ month

  •  25 products
  •  Hotspots
  •  Hosting included
  •  Custom logo
  •  Embed into one another
  •  14 days free trial period
  •  12 months contract
  •  Free photography session
  •  Website integration
  •  Customer service


Custom pricing

  •  More than 50 products
  •  Hotspots
  •  Hosting included
  •  Custom logo
  •  Embed into one another
  •  Free trial period
  •  Individual contract
  •  Free photography session
  •  Website integration
  •  Custom control menu
I want 360° product images too!
From the consumer perspective, nowadays we make all our purchasing decisions - regardless of age - based on online browsing, detailed description and quality, engaging product images.
So if YOU
you show more & better you will sell more!
Simple as that.
The professional 360° and 3D online product photography is no longer the luxury of biggest e-commerce websites only! It is available to you, right here.
With our Solution you can showcase them as if they were “real” and alive

I book a “real life” photo session!
Who we are (MY.S) is a dynamic company providing full digital visual content creation services
What we offer
…consistent quality of 360° and 3D product photos even in video format.
What are the available content formats?
Image - JPEG, PNG
Video - Full HD, 4K
Our clients
Regardless of the industry for any
e-commerce site operators,
digital marketing professionals
or for anyone who is looking to create customer experience through a compelling online product imagery in...
Why Us?
We have grown up in the trading industry. We have been and we are involved in sales and marketing activities whether it is B2B or B2C segment. We understand the challenge and pain of finding new customers, keep them engaged, committed and happy on e-commerce channels. We know what it means to run an e-commerce site, providing services that make customers feel satisfied and be loyal, doing so remotely but personalized. In the beginning of our product development, we aimed at developing a solution the enables traders to showcase their products online just like in offline stores. We wanted to solve this problem as simple, visually appealing and cost effective as possible while we wished to simplify the back-office operations of the entire process and provide great end-user experience. The final result is a new, enchanting, engaging and interactive marketing tool that responds to consumers’ demand, solves e-commerce companies’ integration, photography and web-development challenges. That’s why Us.
What's in it for you?
thanks to our solution you can quickly embed engaging photos in your page without any expertise,
you don't have to bother with visual post-production, which saves you time!
Moreover, your customers during their buying journey will receive a detailed and lifelike product information which
= greater customer experience = more comfort = less complaint
= fewer product returns = higher conversions
= brand loyalty
How is it made?
After cleaning - we place the products on our robotic turntables. Currently we operate two different robots.
MagicSpin studio
The smaller machine we have developed for small object, while the larger set we have created for big items. We have fully automated the machines, in order to reduce manual intervention of mechanical settings as well as to ensure precise end results. We have equipped them with various functions, by which we can set the objects' height and number of angles for instance. After this we set to execute the photo program. Once the program has finished, here comes the most interesting part of the progress, we combine the captured images into a HTML file. After rendering the photos, we cut the finished object into small tiles, which ensures excellent loading speed, since not a large 10mb unit image needs to be loaded, instead lots of small tiles that is loaded upon viewing the particular area. At the same time, we attach different resolution versions to the images (e.g. 512px, 1024px, 2048px, 4096px) thus helping the zoom function without losing quality.
What kind of settings are available?
Of course there are lots of settings option, which all works to enhance the viewers' experience. First of all, it is essential to know the basic viewing options that are available as default for showing the objects created by us. On the lower third, we can place the following control options: move (up, down, right, left), 360 degree auto-rotate, zoom-in/zoom-out, full-screen. These are the basic settings. On top of these, we are able to set the default rotation direction (left to right or right to left), the rotation speed, auto-play upon loading the object, auto-play starting delay, zooming parameters, we may place logo/watermark on the images, and these can be even clickable. The style of the lower third we may customize according to our site's visual appearance, and even we may modify the mouse sensitivity for turning the objects.
We are able to place hotspots on the images, which may highlight additional info or feature of the particular product. The hotspots may include text or link, which creates a very complex and appealing product showcasing. In the following example, we have photographed a model, placed hotspots on the object which includes the matching accessories' 360 degree images. Therefore, we reinforce and encourage upselling of these accessories. Of course, the additional objects open up in separate window, so the user shall not navigate away and lose sight of the original product.
You must agree that this solution provides a lot of marketing value.
Yes, I would also wish to impress my customers
How do you receive the finished content?
The finished content we provide you in a systematic folder structure or even could provide you with a live link from our Google Cloud server, which you only need to embed into your site within an iFrame. The folder contains the raw image files - which you may use for additional marketing purpose like billboards, leaflets or online advertisement due to the large resolution of these images. You will receive a HTML file, the necessary javascript codes as well as the small image tiles that was earlier sliced up. With these in hand, you are all set to show your products in 360 degree and 3D.It is so simple, isn't it?
How many angles of my product should I capture?
Well, the user experience largely depends on the ease of use and visual experience. The display options and loading speed we have discussed above (lots of small image tiles = faster loading time), although let us share with you an interesting example that will help you to decide on the number of angles you wish to apply in your project. In the following example, we have photographed the same product in 12, 24, 36 and 72 angles.
12 images / 360 degree
24 images / 360 degree
36 images / 360 degree
72 images / 360 degree
The amount of photos determine the visual experience during rotation. The more images are available of a particular product, the smoother the viewing experience will be. Of course more images results in large data set, higher storage requirement and more data transfer, one needs to bear in mind its own server/storage capacity, type of server used (perhaps ours?) and its loading speed (Google Cloud, AWS and Alibaba servers are the fastest nowadays, and if CDN service is utilized, viewer experience will be amazing from all corners of the world.) Now you are well equipped with all necessary knowledge about the future of online product showcasing.
What can we photograph for you?

Drop us a line and we shall be in touch with you shortly